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You Are the Chime
You Are the Crystal
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Brian James Griffith
A musician and visual artist living in Los Angeles. His work blends analog with digital; subtle movements with bold features; and virtual with physical reality. 

Musically, Brian creates evolving atmospheres that often explore the sonic capabilities of the bass guitar extending it well beyond the lower register, as an effort towards singularity between the mind and instrument.

His visual art compliments the meditative qualities of his music by creating synthesized video environments and hypnotic animations that encourage mindful investigation.

The spontaneous nature of his process attempts to connect fully to the invisible fabric of reality.

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"" (2015) Netart Installation 

We are often sucked into a solitary world through the glass pocket-door we all carry; curating our image, our world, and focusing inward. What if our experiences together became greater than the sum of their parts; encouraging interaction in the real world?

Media: Internet, Animated GIF, 2-Channel Audio

Artists: Brian Griffith, Sarah Zucker; The Current Sea in an online installation created by The Current Sea for The Wrong's Hypermedia Dreams digital pavilion. The process involved making moulds of both my and Sarah Zucker's face, paint the faces green, attaching them to a green screen, and pouring paint over them giving an illusion of a disembodied face appearing out of nowhere. This didn't pan out exactly, as is often the case with experimental art/ideas, but the fluid movement of the paint on the faces did create an interesting movement.

The musical composition uses 8 pre-recorded loops which are played by tapping on one of the faces. On the desktop site, you can play all 8 at once, in any order, and can be a solitary experience. However, when viewed on a mobile phone, you are restricted to seeing/hearing only one, random face/loop combo. To fully experience the piece, you need more than one person; ideally a group.

A few images from the website

These are the audio loops from the website; they were composed in a way so that they all sound harmonious with any combination.