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You Are the Chime
You Are the Crystal
You Are the Prism
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Brian James Griffith
A musician and visual artist living in Los Angeles. His work blends analog with digital; subtle movements with bold features; and virtual with physical reality.

Musically, Brian creates evolving atmospheres that often explore the sonic capabilities of the bass guitar extending it well beyond the lower register, as an effort towards singularity between the mind and instrument.

His visual art compliments the meditative qualities of his music by creating synthesized video environments and hypnotic animations that encourage mindful investigation.

The spontaneous nature of his process attempts to connect fully to the invisible fabric of reality.

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The Forces

Album: The Forces
Artist: Electric Sound Bath Label: Patient Sounds
Released: 03/16/2018

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Compositions & Recordings

Illustration by Moon Wang
Illustration by Moon Wang

My work focuses on bringing peace, repose, and serenity to an increasingly anxious world. I believe that sound and slow, repetitive visuals can alter consciousness as well as induce trance-like states. In these altered states, the mind is open, ready to be guided and inspired. By creating soundscapes that invite thought and visuals that hypnotize, I create spaces that help develop the lost art of tranquility.

Using acoustic instruments in conjunction with digital synthesis, I create ambient soundscapes that slowly move, gently build, and aim to quiet the mind. Field recordings further ground the music, creating a living soundtrack for the audience, and a source of inspiration for myself. The resulting intuitive compositions provide a framework for personal reflection.

Flaps For Jackie ‘20


Aquaculture Soft Stalks

Track: Aquaculture Soft Stalks
Artist: Brian James Griffith Label: Digital
Released: 02/07/2020

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This is the first completed track I've created while doing my graduate residency at the California Institute of the Arts. Using the school's Modular Synth Lab, I fed my bass guitar into one of the sampling modules, which creates the melodies. Analog oscillators from a black panel Serge are added to the foundation and bubbling filters from a Blippoo Box swim through the sonic atmosphere.

The track is also available through all major streaming services. 

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Path Between Realms

Track: Path Between Realms
Artist: Brian James Griffith
Label: Digital
Released: 05/11/2020

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At the beginning of the quarantine, I started to explore the possibilities of a small setup and focus on sample-based composition. This was my first piece, however, the main samples – a public park's playground xylophone – and what to do with them had been marinating with me for a while. After I learned to play the system, I debuted the piece on Lumpen Radio's Twitch stream.

The track is also available through all major streaming services. 

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Video Versions

Here are versions and variations using the same Timber Player patch


Over Turn

Album: Over Turn
Artist: Brian James Griffith Label: KMAN Tapes
Released: 05/10/2019

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A Collection of Nighttime
As thoughts of the hours past melt as deep frozen ice, collect these deliberate drops while observing the escape of needless gas. What is left in the remaining liquid? What escaped during the melt?

These recordings were captured throughout 2018 often starting as short loops, then expanded upon with improvisations.

Bass guitar is the main instrument used throughout the album, however, it is often processed through modular synth.

Modular & keyboard synth was used to complement most tracks.

Several include found sounds.

Cassette Images, Courtesy of KMAN


Inner Work

Album: Inner Work
Artist: Brian James Griffith Label: Histamine Tapes
Released: 09/22/2018

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Small moments of repose leave room for inspiration. Flickering solitude of a still mind crawls over consciousness like an unexpected, yet welcome, friend. Fleeting as these moments are, their afterimage lingers as a gentle aura, softening the edges of ourselves and the world.
Inner Work is a collection of spontaneous vignettes recorded Summer - Autumn of 2017.

Piccolo Bass Guitar is the host voice for these pieces, with a touch of radio and a Casiotone coming in as guests.
A small sample-based modular system manipulates Created by these friends.

Cover Photograph by Angela Frances Wilson

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From Particles

Album: From Particles
Artist: Brian James Griffith Label: Aural Canyon
Released: 06/02/2018

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